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Member of: Phaser.Types.Time

name type arguments Default description
delay number <optional> 0

The delay after which the Timer Event should fire, in milliseconds.

repeat number <optional> 0

The total number of times the Timer Event will repeat before finishing.

loop boolean <optional> false

true if the Timer Event should repeat indefinitely.

callback function <optional>

The callback which will be called when the Timer Event fires.

callbackScope * <optional>

The scope (this object) with which to invoke the callback.

args Array.<*> <optional>

Additional arguments to be passed to the callback.

timeScale number <optional> 1

The scale of the elapsed time.

startAt number <optional> 0

The initial elapsed time in milliseconds. Useful if you want a long duration with repeat, but for the first loop to fire quickly.

paused boolean <optional> false

true if the Timer Event should be paused.

Since: 3.0.0