Phaser API Documentation



Config object containing various sound settings.

name type arguments Default description
mute boolean <optional> false

Boolean indicating whether the sound should be muted or not.

volume number <optional> 1

A value between 0 (silence) and 1 (full volume).

rate number <optional> 1

Defines the speed at which the sound should be played.

detune number <optional> 0

Represents detuning of sound in cents.

seek number <optional> 0

Position of playback for this sound, in seconds.

loop boolean <optional> false

Whether or not the sound or current sound marker should loop.

delay number <optional> 0

Time, in seconds, that should elapse before the sound actually starts its playback.

pan number <optional> 0

A value between -1 (full left pan) and 1 (full right pan). 0 means no pan.

Since: 3.0.0