Phaser API Documentation

name type description
status number

The current status of the Scene. Maps to the Scene constants.

key string

The unique key of this Scene. Unique within the entire Game instance.

active boolean

The active state of this Scene. An active Scene updates each step.

visible boolean

The visible state of this Scene. A visible Scene renders each step.

isBooted boolean

Has the Scene finished booting?

isTransition boolean

Is the Scene in a state of transition?

transitionFrom Phaser.Scene

The Scene this Scene is transitioning from, if set.

transitionDuration number

The duration of the transition, if set.

transitionAllowInput boolean

Is this Scene allowed to receive input during transitions?

data object

a data bundle passed to this Scene from the Scene Manager.

pack false | Phaser.Types.Loader.FileTypes.PackFileSection

Files to be loaded before the Scene begins.

cameras Phaser.Types.Cameras.Scene2D.JSONCamera | Array.<Phaser.Types.Cameras.Scene2D.JSONCamera>

The Camera configuration object.

map Object.<string, string>

The Scene's Injection Map.

physics Phaser.Types.Core.PhysicsConfig

The physics configuration object for the Scene.

loader Phaser.Types.Core.LoaderConfig

The loader configuration object for the Scene.

plugins false | *

The plugin configuration object for the Scene.

Since: 3.0.0