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The Key Down Event.

This event is dispatched by the Keyboard Plugin when any key on the keyboard is pressed down.

Unlike the ANY_KEY_DOWN event, this one has a special dynamic event name. For example, to listen for the A key being pressed use the following from within a Scene: this.input.keyboard.on('keydown-A', listener). You can replace the -A part of the event name with any valid Key Code string. For example, this will listen for the space bar: this.input.keyboard.on('keydown-SPACE', listener).

You can also create a generic 'global' listener. See Keyboard.Events.ANY_KEY_DOWN for details.

Finally, you can create Key objects, which you can also listen for events from. See Keyboard.Events.DOWN for details.

Note: Many keyboards are unable to process certain combinations of keys due to hardware limitations known as ghosting. Read [this article on ghosting]{@link} for details.

Also, please be aware that some browser extensions can disable or override Phaser keyboard handling. For example, the Chrome extension vimium is known to disable Phaser from using the D key, while EverNote disables the backtick key. There are others. So, please check your extensions if you find you have specific keys that don't work.


name type description
event KeyboardEvent

The native DOM Keyboard Event. You can inspect this to learn more about the key that was pressed, any modifiers, etc.

Since: 3.0.0