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Member of: Phaser.Utils.Array

<static> QuickSelect(arr, k, [left], [right], [compare])


A Floyd-Rivest quick selection algorithm.

Rearranges the array items so that all items in the [left, k] range are smaller than all items in [k, right]; The k-th element will have the (k - left + 1)th smallest value in [left, right].

The array is modified in-place.

Based on code by Vladimir Agafonkin


name type arguments description
arr array

The array to sort.

k number

The k-th element index.

left number <optional>

The index of the left part of the range.

right number <optional>

The index of the right part of the range.

compare function <optional>

An optional comparison function. Is passed two elements and should return 0, 1 or -1.

Since: 3.0.0