Phaser API Documentation

snapshotPixel(x, y, callback)


Schedules a snapshot of the given pixel from the game viewport to be taken after the current frame is rendered.

To capture the whole game viewport see the snapshot method. To capture a specific area, see snapshotArea.

Only one snapshot can be active per frame. If you have already called snapshotArea, for example, then calling this method will override it.

Unlike the other two snapshot methods, this one will return a Color object containing the color data for the requested pixel. It doesn't need to create an internal Canvas or Image object, so is a lot faster to execute, using less memory.


name type description
x number

The x coordinate of the pixel to get.

y number

The y coordinate of the pixel to get.

callback Phaser.Types.Renderer.Snapshot.SnapshotCallback

The Function to invoke after the snapshot pixel data is extracted.


This WebGL Renderer.

Since: 3.16.0