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Member of: Phaser.Geom.Mesh

<static> ParseObjMaterial(mtl)


Takes a Wavefront Material file and extracts the diffuse reflectivity of the named materials, converts them to integer color values and returns them.

This is used internally by the addOBJ and addModel methods, but is exposed for public consumption as well.

Note this only works with diffuse values, specified in the Kd r g b format, where g and b are optional, but r is required. It does not support spectral rfl files, or any other material statement (such as Ka or Ks)


name type description
mtl string

The OBJ MTL file as a raw string, i.e. loaded via this.load.text.


The parsed material colors, where each property of the object matches the material name.

  • object
Since: 3.50.0