Phaser API Documentation

Only webGL setTintFill([topLeft], [topRight], [bottomLeft], [bottomRight])


Sets a fill-based tint on this Game Object.

Unlike an additive tint, a fill-tint literally replaces the pixel colors from the texture with those in the tint. You can use this for effects such as making a player flash 'white' if hit by something. You can provide either one color value, in which case the whole Game Object will be rendered in that color. Or you can provide a color per corner. The colors are blended together across the extent of the Game Object.

To modify the tint color once set, either call this method again with new values or use the tint property to set all colors at once. Or, use the properties tintTopLeft, tintTopRight, tintBottomLeftandtintBottomRight` to set the corner color values independently.

To remove a tint call clearTint.

To swap this from being a fill-tint to an additive tint set the property tintFill to false.


name type arguments Default description
topLeft number <optional> 0xffffff

The tint being applied to the top-left of the Game Object. If not other values are given this value is applied evenly, tinting the whole Game Object.

topRight number <optional>

The tint being applied to the top-right of the Game Object.

bottomLeft number <optional>

The tint being applied to the bottom-left of the Game Object.

bottomRight number <optional>

The tint being applied to the bottom-right of the Game Object.


This Game Object instance.

Since: 3.11.0