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If this Game Object has previously been enabled for input, this will queue it for removal, causing it to no longer be interactive. The removal happens on the next game step, it is not immediate.

The Interactive Object that was assigned to this Game Object will be destroyed, removed from the Input Manager and cleared from this Game Object.

If you wish to re-enable this Game Object at a later date you will need to re-create its InteractiveObject by calling setInteractive again.

If you wish to only temporarily stop an object from receiving input then use disableInteractive instead, as that toggles the interactive state, where-as this erases it completely.

If you wish to resize a hit area, don't remove and then set it as being interactive. Instead, access the hitarea object directly and resize the shape being used. I.e.: sprite.input.hitArea.setSize(width, height) (assuming the shape is a Rectangle, which it is by default.)


This GameObject.

Since: 3.7.0