Phaser API Documentation

getLocalPoint(x, y, [point], [camera])


Takes the given x and y coordinates and converts them into local space for this Game Object, taking into account parent and local transforms, and the Display Origin.

The returned Vector2 contains the translated point in its properties.

A Camera needs to be provided in order to handle modified scroll factors. If no camera is specified, it will use the main camera from the Scene to which this Game Object belongs.


name type arguments description
x number

The x position to translate.

y number

The y position to translate.

point Phaser.Math.Vector2 <optional>

A Vector2, or point-like object, to store the results in.

camera Phaser.Cameras.Scene2D.Camera <optional>

The Camera which is being tested against. If not given will use the Scene default camera.


The translated point.

Since: 3.50.0