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Member of: Phaser.Actions

<static> SetTint(items, topLeft, [topRight], [bottomLeft], [bottomRight])


Takes an array of Game Objects, or any objects that have the public method setTint() and then updates it to the given value(s). You can specify tint color per corner or provide only one color value for topLeft parameter, in which case whole item will be tinted with that color.


name type arguments description
items array | Array.<Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject>

An array of Game Objects. The contents of this array are updated by this Action.

topLeft number

The tint being applied to top-left corner of item. If other parameters are given no value, this tint will be applied to whole item.

topRight number <optional>

The tint to be applied to top-right corner of item.

bottomLeft number <optional>

The tint to be applied to the bottom-left corner of item.

bottomRight number <optional>

The tint to be applied to the bottom-right corner of item.


The array of Game Objects that was passed to this Action.

Since: 3.0.0
Source: src/actions/SetTint.js (Line 7)