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Member of: Phaser.Actions

<static> IncX(items, value, [step], [index], [direction])


Takes an array of Game Objects, or any objects that have a public x property, and then adds the given value to each of their x properties.

The optional step property is applied incrementally, multiplied by each item in the array.

To use this with a Group: IncX(group.getChildren(), value, step)


name type arguments Default description
items array | Array.<Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject>

The array of items to be updated by this action.

value number

The amount to be added to the x property.

step number <optional> 0

This is added to the value amount, multiplied by the iteration counter.

index number <optional> 0

An optional offset to start searching from within the items array.

direction number <optional> 1

The direction to iterate through the array. 1 is from beginning to end, -1 from end to beginning.


The array of objects that were passed to this Action.

Since: 3.0.0
Source: src/actions/IncX.js (Line 9)