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Member of: Phaser.Actions

<static> GetLast(items, compare, [index])


Takes an array of objects and returns the last element in the array that has properties which match all of those specified in the compare object. For example, if the compare object was: { scaleX: 0.5, alpha: 1 } then it would return the last item which had the property scaleX set to 0.5 and alpha set to 1.

To use this with a Group: GetLast(group.getChildren(), compare, index)


name type arguments description
items array | Array.<Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject>

The array of items to be searched by this action.

compare object

The comparison object. Each property in this object will be checked against the items of the array.

index number <optional>

An optional offset to start searching from within the items array.


The last object in the array that matches the comparison object, or null if no match was found.

Since: 3.3.0
Source: src/actions/GetLast.js (Line 7)